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Clinical experience with the Rotation Medical bioinductive implant for the treatment of both partial- and full-thickness rotator cuff tears has shown positive outcomes with regard to restoration of function and relief of pain. The implant induces the formation of new tendinous tissue, which is intended to share load with the underlying tendon, thereby decreasing peak strains at the tear site and creating an environment more conducive for healing.

  • No serious adverse reactions have been observed with the Rotation Medical implant.
  • Consistent induction of new tendinous tissue has been observed
  • Surgeons have found the instrumentation easy and efficient to use, with only a slight addition of time to the surgical procedure.
  • Patients have experienced faster rehabilitation and decreased sling use compared to standard rehabilitation protocols for rotator cuff repair.

Additional post-market studies are underway to further elucidate the benefits of this implant, as well as the lack of serious adverse reactions. The use of the Rotation Medical bioinductive implant appears to be an excellent option for treating both partial- and full-thickness rotator cuff tears.