Rotation Medical has developed, patented and com­mercialized a novel, FDA-cleared rotator cuff system that has the potential to transform the treatment of rotator cuff disease. The system includes a bioinductive implant and a set of disposable arthroscopic instruments. In clinical studies the bioinductive implant has been shown to heal tendons by inducing the growth of new tendon-like tissue.

Bioinductive Implant

Our bioinductive implant, derived from bovine Achilles tendon is reconstituted to achieve very high porosity and purity and a low modulus. It is designed to rapidly induce the formation and functional remodeling of new tendon-like tissue on the bursal surface of the supraspinatus tendon.

The new tissue will biologically augment the rotator cuff to reduce the peak strain at the site of the tear and create an environment conducive for healing. The Rotation Medical bioinductive implant gradually absorbs within six months, leaving a layer of new tendon-like tissue to biologically augment the existing tendon.

Arthroscopic Instruments


Delivery Instrument

The Rotation Medical delivery instrument enables the bioinductive implant to be delivered arthroscopically to a precise location. The delivery instrument holds the bioinductive implant in the correct position while the initial tendon staples are being delivered.


Tendon Fixation Instruments

The Rotation Medical tendon fixation instrument is designed to attach the bioinductive implant securely to the tendon with bioabsorbable tendon staples.

The legs of the stapler are positioned appropriately on the bioinductive implant and pushed into the tendon.




Bone Fixation Instruments

The Rotation Medical bone fixation instruments are designed to quickly and reproducibly attach the bioinductive implant to the humeral head using proprietary permanent bone staples.