Rotation Medical is committed to advancing the treatment of rotator cuff disease with the Rotation Medical Rotator Cuff Repair System, a commercially available solution with clinical evidence that demonstrates the ability to induce the growth of new tendinous tissue.

Our core technology incorporates a novel bioinductive implant and a set of disposable arthroscopic instruments that enable reproducible procedures.

The unmet need

From the time Rotation Medical was founded in 2009, we have worked in partnership with leading clinical experts to address the limitations of current treatments for rotator cuff disease. Traditional approaches focus on biomechanical repair but do not address the underlying biology of the tendon.

This can lead to unpredictable results, disease progression and a high rate of re-tears.  In addition, patients require lengthy rehabilitation and face disruption to quality of life.

The solution

In contrast, the Rotation Medical Rotator Cuff Repair System incorporates a breakthrough technology and technique that balances biomechanics and biology to enhance the body’s natural healing response.

Our bioinductive implant technology enables tendons to heal by inducing growth of new tendon-like tissue, offering the potential to prevent tear progression and reduce the incidence of re-tears.