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Rotation Medical Technology Surgical Technique Article and Accompanying Video Published in Arthroscopy Techniques

Plymouth, MN – September 30, 2015 –Rotation Medical, a medical device company focused on developing new technologies to treat rotator cuff disease, today announced that the surgical technique article, “Arthroscopic Implantation of a Bio-Inductive Collagen Scaffold for Treatment of an Articular-Sided Partial Rotator Cuff Tear,” was published in Arthroscopy Techniques. Richard Ryu, M.D., senior attending at The Ryu Hurvitz Orthopedic Clinic, is lead author on the publication.

Rotator cuff disease is the most common cause of shoulder pain in adults with approximately four million people in the United States at risk of disability. The publication addresses the challenges associated with rotator cuff repair and the strategies utilized by surgeons to reduce the risk of failed repair procedures. The article describes the surgical technique involved with use of the Rotation Medical bioinductive implant and an accompanying video demonstrates the bioinductive implant being placed on the bursal (top) side of the rotator cuff in an effort to heal an articular-sided (undersurface) partial rotator cuff tear.

“The Rotation Medical technology enhances rapid ingrowth and functional maturation of the tendon tissue, and in this case, is used to enhance healing of a tissue lesion remote from the implantation site,” said Dr. Ryu. “Use of the Rotation Medical technology could represent a paradigm shift in the treatment of symptomatic rotator cuff tears, and this technique article and video help demonstrate the necessary technical acumen required for this treatment alternative, particularly for articular-sided partial rotator cuff tears.”

How the Rotation Medical Rotator Cuff Repair System works.
The technology includes a collagen-based bioinductive implant about the size of a postage stamp that is delivered arthroscopically through a small incision over the location of the rotator cuff tendon injury and secured in place with small staples. After implantation, the bioinductive implant dissolves slowly. The implant has been shown in clinical studies to heal the tendon over time by inducing the growth of new tendon-like tissue, resulting in thicker tendons and replacement of tissue defects.

“This procedural technique article and video demonstrate the growing clinical interest and validation of the Rotation Medical technology, and serve as an educational resource to help guide surgeons,” said Martha Shadan, president and CEO of Rotation Medical. “We look forward to continued collaboration with surgical experts to further expand the educational resources and body of evidence documenting the value of the Rotation Medical technology.”

About Rotation Medical
Rotator cuff tears are the most common source of shoulder pain and diminished shoulder function in adults. Rotator cuff disease is a progressive condition with prevalence increasing with age. Rotation Medical was founded in 2009 and is committed to improving the treatment of rotator cuff disease with the Rotation Medical rotator cuff system, a breakthrough technology that has the potential to prevent rotator cuff disease progression and reduce re-tears by inducing the growth of new tendinous tissue. The Rotation Medical rotator cuff system combines a unique, proprietary bioinductive implant designed to rapidly induce tendinous tissue growth with a set of novel, arthroscopic disposable instruments that allow the procedure to be performed quickly and reproducibly. For more information visit
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