Silagra 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate): Usage, Dosages, Differences

Looking to buy viagra for less? Opt for Silagra, generic from Rotation Medical that became available after patent expiration A generic version of the popular and effective pill is fully analogous to brand Viagra in safety and effectiveness, but is considerably cheaper. The recognized pharmaceutical producer made a significant part of the price that could really be felt on the cashback if you were a part of the many regular and satisfied users of Silagra. The drug is effective after 30 minutes, and for up to 5 hours

Silagra: generic sildenafil of superb quality

To round it up, it is a cheaper alternative to traditional brands. The generic Silagra from Pfizer is as safe and effective to use as the original drug as it is produced using the same standard protocols.

Every year, the powerful pill developed against erectile dysfunction, sildenafil contained in Silagra and its reference drug, Viagra, helps thousands of men to a better sex life with a stronger potency. Sildenafil was the first clinically documented impotence treatment. Silagra is effective within just 30 minutes and active for up to five hours. It contains the active substance sildenafil and is available in doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

Silagra works in the body after almost 30 minutes with a convincing effect for up to 4-5 hours. Within this period, 98% of all men taking a pill can expect to have a hard erection, which is partly strong enough and partly lasts long enough to conduct intercourse with one’s partner.


Silagra is used in oral treatment of male impotence, or erectile dysfunction (ED). The drug is not intended for addressing problems of sexual drive or recreational use – that is, to be used for improving sexual performance in individuals not suffering from any particular sexual disorders, or else having sexual disorders not caused by physiological or psychological health problems.

Silagra is effective in treatment of ED caused by both physiological and psychological problems. In both cases, it is important that the patient simultaneously seeks medical help for conditions that caused the failure in sexual sphere.

Silagra can be used for other conditions not indicated here, but solely as indicated by prescriber. The most common off-label uses of sildenafil (the main active component of Silagra) are PAH (pulmonary arterial hypertension) treatment, BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia) therapy and as a PE (premature ejaculation) aid.


Sildenafil contained in Silagra enables a man suffering from ED to achieve and maintain erection valid for a sexual act. Being a powerful vasodilator, Silagra expands blood vessels located in the penis, allowing for maximal amount of blood to be absorbed and retained in the spongeous bodies of the penis – this is an actual mechanism of natural erection.

Silagra cannot generate increased sexual desire in individuals suffering from decrease in libido and sexual drive, nor can it ignite a spark in a relationship that is not backed up by physical attraction. Other products should be used in cases like those described above, but caution should be taken in relation to drug compatibility. Check out with your prescriber if sildenafil pills can be safely combined with aphrodisiacs and natural supplements increasing sexual desire.

The effects of Silagra continue during at least 4 hours, but some patients experience them for slightly longer as suggested by in vivo studies. According to manufacturer’s description, an individual will be able to achieve erection at least once during this time. Silagra restores erectile ability to the point at which it was compromised, and you will not be able to increase the amount of erections achieved within this limited timeframe with the help of the drug. Practical evidence suggests though that Silagra shortens the recovery time, thus making it possible to augment erectile frequency after all.

Silagra is a potency drug, not an aphrodisiac. This means that the drug itself cannot induce sexual pleasure. Alcohol, in turn, has a relaxing effect. The result of alcohol consumption is that possible pressure and stress are relieved and that it is easier to feel sexual pleasure. In view of this, many believe that it works to take Silagra with alcohol. With Silagra, however, it does not make it easier to feel sexual pleasure, but the sexual stimulation is a stimulus that begins in the brain. From there the impulse affects the penile flow of blood. At lower alcohol levels, this process is not disturbed, but when absorbed by larger amounts of alcohol, this impulse is blocked and the opposite becomes the opposite.

Sildenafil dosages

Silagra pills come in three different doses consisting of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg, respectively. How the dosages work is individual from man to man and is dependent on age and health. Generally, people with liver or kidney problems should not take a dose above 25mg. Men over 60 years of age should also choose the lowest dose. The few will need a dose of 100mg, so for all age groups it will generally be best with 25mg or 50mg.

If this is the first time you need to take Silagra or just potassium pills at all, you are advised to start with 50mg. Once you have tried this dose, it is easy to assess whether the effect was satisfactory or, for example, you should lower your dose to 25mg or vice versa, adjust your dose to 100mg.

As mentioned above, Silagra comes in the doses 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. The active ingredient of the pills is called sildenafil citrate. The drug increases blood flow to the penis and ensures that an erection can be obtained and maintained.

Silagra 25mg – If you are a type that often has side effects when you take medicines, then the lowest dose is the best bet. Silagra 50mg – The recommended dose for first-time users of Silagra, which generally has good health. Silagra 100mg is best suited for people who have used Silagra before and feel that they lack little effect in the lower doses.

Silagra pills with 25mg are the lowest dose that the manufacturer has developed. It is best for men who have experienced side effects at higher doses, side effects using other potency marks, as well as those taking alpha blockers. Men who have major problems with general health can also advantageously use Silagra 25mg. The biggest benefit of 25mg compared to the higher doses of Silagra is that side effects occur less often and if they finally come, they are not nearly as powerful as at higher doses.

If this is the first time you use Silagra and you basically have good health, then a dose of 50mg will be a good starting point. It is the dose most choose, even if they have used Silagra over a long period of time. It is also the dose most doctors will recommend people to start with. For most, the effect of a 50mg Silagra pill will be enough to achieve and maintain the desired erection.

Starting with 50mg, you can easily adjust up or down, depending on whether you experience any side effects. Remember, there is no need to go up to 100mg just to do it. Clinical trials have shown that 74% of the participants achieved the desired effect of Silagra 50mg. For 3 out of 4, this dose will therefore be satisfactory.

For some men, erectile dysfunction is particularly difficult and it may not work with 25mg or 50mg Silagra. If you have tried these without luck (or without achieving the full erection you are after), then Silagra 100mg may be the solution.

82% of men who have used Silagra 100mg in clinical trials have achieved the desired effect. If you choose this dose, you should be aware that the risk of side effects rises significantly. The higher the dose, the higher the risk of side effects. Always think about your health first and foremost. If Silagra 25mg works for you, why go to a higher dose?

How to use

Silagra pills should be taken orally approximately half an hour to an hour before a sexual intercourse with your partner. The pills usually work already after about 30 minutes from the pills being taken. They only work if you get sexually upset. Take a pill for a meal with a high fat content, it may take a little longer before the effect sets in, and of course you should be aware of this and, if necessary, plan for.

Also note that you can only take 1 Silagra pill. Silagra pill a day. In other words, you will have to wait at least 24 hours from taking one pill until you take the next one.

How does Silagra work?

The active substance in the potatoes is sildenafil citrate, and it is precisely this substance that allows men to get and maintain an erection sufficient to conduct a sexual intercourse. Keep in mind, however, that Silagra pills as a starting point do not increase patient’s sex drive, and their effect is simply that they make sure that enough blood flows into the penis to get an erection that then goes away after intercourse.

Nevertheless, one can say that Silagra may tend to increase the sex drive of the man, but this is more about the psychological in that the man suddenly has the opportunity to reunite again, which can eliminate his insecurity on his own abilities in bed and thus indirectly increase his desire for sex with his partner. However, this does not mean that the pills automatically increase sex drive and there are no ingredients in the pills, which in themselves have any effect on this desire. Therefore, Silagra is only suitable for men with erectile dysfunction.

How to store?

Silagra pills should be stored at normal room temperature, as the pills can be damaged by both too hot and cold temperatures. Therefore, if you want the optimal effect from your pills, it is obviously important to keep them properly.

Is Silagra for everyone?

If you have not used Silagra or other potency earlier, you may have questions about Silagra now for everyone. Basically, there are no age groups excluded from using Silagra, but individual conditions may, of course, cause the doctor can not approve the medicine for use just for you. If you have erectile dysfunction, but otherwise good health, you may be able to print Silagra. And fortunately, there are more and more men who acknowledge that they are having trouble getting up and choosing to do something about it.

Silagra is an extremely effective ED antidote for almost all men but is not suitable for men who have untreated high blood pressure, have low blood pressure or, inter alia, while taking certain types of other medicines. This is what we ask for in the online consultation, so it is safe to buy Silagra with us when you answer the questions honestly. You can therefore be sure that you do not incur any risks to your health when ordering Silagra with us, which is usually the case with the purchase of generic Silagra online.

Our original version of Silagra from Pfizer with the active substance sildenafil has the famous classic design, and is known for its well-known blue color. Generic Silagra can come in white color, and generic Silagra can have a design reminiscent of white diamonds. If you want to buy the original Silagra, you can do it safely and safely through our site as before. We guarantee original and genuine medicine from original manufacturers, which has nothing to do with generic Silagra pills. We can therefore help all men with erectile dysfunction who wish to be physically able to have a satisfactory sex life – regardless of disease, age or other conditional impotence.

Is Silagra good?

To understand if Silagra is an effective ED drug, let us resort to official healthcare statistics. Each year, medical care surveillance service conducts statistics on Canadians who use potency pills, including Silagra. Over the past 5-year period, the number of Danish men over the age of 20 using ED drugs has increased from 71,146 to 84,577, an increase of almost 19%. Percentually, it is not least men in the age group 65-79 years who have seriously raised the potential for Silagra. 46% more men in this age group use erectile pills compared to 5 years ago and in general there has been an increase in consumption in all age groups.

With a market share of 60%, sildenafil is the most popular potency in this home, and this popularity also applies to the rest of the world. It has obviously been to their advantage that the market has risen so significantly over the last couple of years, and today, over every other man over 40 years has experienced erectile dysfunction. This corresponds to approximately 350,000 men alone in Canada, and such a high percentage of course gives a whole staggering number of men when looking around the world.

This said, one can conclude that Silagra is one of the best drugs that also comes at a competitive price, and a very popular one among Canadian users. However, the scientific fact is that different ED drugs suit best for different individuals, and therefore you should determine if Silagra is good for you based on your doctor’s recommendation, personal tolerance, the response of your body, your unique preferences in therapy and other circumstances that vary from patient to patient.

Silagra is a very effective potency that suits most patients with erectile problems. This drug with the active ingredient sildenafil was originally developed for the treatment of heart disease, but ultimately did not work very well for this purpose. Participants in the studies, however, noted a significant improvement in the ability to get erections, and in this way, the well-known Silagra pills were born – which was initially intended to be a cardiac medicine.

Around the world, the drug has helped about 30 million men to counteract impotence. The drug does not have a permanent effect, but the effect lasts for the time that the active substance sildenafil is active in the body. On this page you will get all the information you need about the combination of Silagra and alcohol.

Side effects

Generally, Silagra is not known to have serious side effects, but headache, dizziness and troublesome stomach are normal side effects that usually disappear quickly by themselves, but you should nevertheless be aware of the risk before starting their Silagra pills . Other unusual or rare side effects may also occur, although it is very rare now, and if you experience something that may seem worrying, it is strongly recommended that you contact a doctor to make sure that there is nothing serious about it. Read more about the potential side effects on the package leaflet that you find in your package with Silagra pills after purchase.

The difference between Silagra, Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis and Levitra

Are you in doubt about what type of potency you should choose? Then you can read more about the different options with Viagra, Silagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Spedra and Levitra on the site or you can click on to our starter package, which gives you a unique opportunity for a complete package where you can try all the effective pills.

Viagra was produced by Pfizer and the company was the first to market with impotence pills in 1998, which is why Silagra today is also the most well-known on the market with over 20 million users over time. Silagra comes in the doses of 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

Silagra and Kamagra are Viagra generics, which means they are full bioequivalent analogs of the original pill, but they are produced by different manufacturers, that is, non-developer companies. And while the difference in effects, side effects, safety and other essential features between the three drugs is virtually non-existent, the difference in price is significant. The original drug Viagra boasts a price tag that is up to ten times higher than that of Silagra and Kamagra. As for Silagra and Kamagra comparison, it is more about personal bias towards one or the other manufacturer.

The drug already works after about half an hour if only consumed with a large glass of water and without too much intake of fatty foods and alcohol next to it, as this delays the effect. The effect of Silagra is then continued for about 4 to 5 hours, and therefore there is plenty of time for a sexual intercourse.

Cialis from Eli Lilly entered the market in 2003, and today the pillars are the biggest competition in Silagra, where they have gained more and more market shares over recent years as the market for potato pills has increased significantly. Cialis works very quickly, and often the effect will be clear already after just 10 minutes. This means that you will soon be ready for sexual intercourse, and subsequently Cialis will last for up to 36 hours, opposite all other pills, which last only about 4 hours, which is why Cialis is 10mg and 20mg for the weekend If you want to be covered the whole weekend, you may choose to buy Cialis online at Canadian Pharmacy.

Levitra is one of the slightly newer potatoes on the market, and it is produced and sold in collaboration between German Bayer and the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, so they are also backpackers with extensive experience in pharmaceuticals. Levitra pills come in doses of 5mg, 10mg and 20mg, the effect will be apparent barely 15-30 minutes after ingestion. For the same reason, Levitra is also a very flexible pills that can be taken immediately before intercourse and the effect lasts for 4-5 hours, which of course is a long time, but the absolute advantage of Levitra is that the potency is far less side effects than its competitors according to clinical trials.

Silagra works effectively after 30 minutes and works for up to 4 hours. Also called the weekend pill, because it works for up to 36 hours, so perfect Friday before the weekend.

When the lust is there, but the erection fails, it can surely go beyond the quality of life, and that’s also something that automatically affects the relationship between the man and the woman in a lot, because sex is such an integral part of human life. Travel disorders are due in most cases to physical diseases, and in the case of 65% of cases, it is actually due to atherosclerosis.

Pills against impotence such as Silagra works really because they increase the amount of blood flow to the penis, then you take your Silagra pill when you want sexual intercourse, and you will soon experience erection. However, the pills only work when the light is present and at the same time stimulates sexually, so the erection also disappears immediately after release. ED drugs generally work in up to 70-80% of all men, but this depends, of course, on some of the specific pill’s label and dose.

Interactions with alcohol

The general recommendation is to never mix alcohol with drugs, as this combination may potentially be harmful to your health. Alcohol immediately enters the bloodstream, which also occurs in the mouth through the mucous membranes. Even through the esophagus, alcohol goes into the blood. About a quarter of the alcohol is absorbed through the abdominal wall, and the rest is primarily through the small intestine into the blood.

Thus alcohol can be absorbed at different rates. Especially fast is the effect if the drink is hot, contains carbonic acid or sugar, drinks fast, consumed on an empty stomach or when you have any of specific diseases. It is not necessarily about chronic diseases but also acute diseases. A weakened immune system always means an increased sensitivity to alcohol. With a full stomach it takes longer for the body to absorb the alcohol because it stays in the stomach for a significantly longer period.

The decomposition of the alcohol occurs primarily in the liver. During this decomposition process, the toxic substance produces acetaldehyde, which can cause damage throughout the body if it does not break down fast enough in the liver. This is especially true in the case of overconsumption of alcohol and especially if you are constantly abusing alcohol.

When taking Silagra with alcohol, the effect of the medicine may be enhanced in some cases. It may also be that an unwanted or directly dangerous reaction occurs when the drug is combined with alcohol. Therefore, the basic recommendation is that you should never take medication with alcohol unless you are absolutely sure that the combination of the two substances is harmless.

25 years of research on the effects of alcohol consumption on the male reproductive system has yielded several interesting findings. Below we present some of these. These effects are related to alcohol consumption in general and not only when you mix Silagra with alcohol. However, if you have a power problem, you can keep in mind that alcohol can affect your sexual performance.

Both alcohol abuse and regular alcohol consumption can affect the levels of sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. The male sex hormone testosterone has a strong link to sexuality in men, while the female sex hormone estrogen also occurs in men. If you consume more than moderate amounts of alcohol, your testosterone level may decrease and eastern level increase. This can cause your body to become more feminine, including because your breasts can grow and you can lose your body hair. Alcohol is toxic to the testicles and overtime alcohol consumption can cause the testicles to shrink in size. This causes your sperm to decrease in both volume and quality. Some sources also mean that alcohol abuse can cause prostatitis, which is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Prostatitis can, among other things, lead to potential problems.

Alcohol and drugs are metabolised in the liver. Therefore, it is important that you have normal liver function when using medicines. This is especially important as both alcohol and drugs contain substances that can be harmful to health. If the liver does not function normally or becomes overloaded when it is forced to break down harmful substances, metabolism is also overloaded. This decomposition of harmful substances can also occur with light alcohol consumption, but the degradation process is then significantly slower. This also extends the side effects of the drug. For a person taking drugs, it may be difficult to know how long the drug works in the body, which can also lead to poisoning.

No drug should be taken together with excessive alcohol consumption. However, there are medicines that in no circumstances should be combined with alcohol. Silagra is such a medicine, especially if other health problems exist. Therefore, it is absolutely safest to never mix Silagra with alcohol. Therefore, Silagra does not work as well with alcohol.

This is one of the reasons that it is not a good idea to mix Silagra with alcohol. Silagra can not induce an erection as you consume large volumes of alcohol, because the impulse needed to achieve an erection must arise in order for the erection to be a fact. Silagra rather allows the blood to flow to and not away from the penis and that the erection persists. Alcohol consumption can in itself trigger impotence and this cannot be counteracted by taking Silagra.

It seems safe to drink alcohol in moderate amounts when taking Silagra. There are no clear indications that the risk of alcohol consumption is aggravated when using Silagra. In a US study, no reactions were found between Silagra and red wine. However, it is important to remember that research in this area is limited.

Just because it does not appear that reactions can occur when mixing Silagra with alcohol does not necessarily mean that it is a particularly good idea to combine them. One reason for this is that alcohol abuse is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. In fact, it is so common that there is an alcohol-related snake word for potential problems in the UK – ‘brewer’s droop’. Therefore, if you use Silagra to treat impotence, you should avoid making yourself a service by combining the drug with alcohol.

Silagra was originally thought of as a medicine for cardiovascular disease. Even though the drug is used for another purpose today it still lowers blood pressure. This means that the drug can be used by men with limited blood pressure problems. This applies both to men who have low blood pressure and to those who have high blood pressure. However, your already low blood pressure may decrease even more because of Silagra, and patients with high blood pressure (hypertension) are usually treated with antihypertensive agents. This effect can be enhanced by Silagra.


It is potentially dangerous to overdose Silagra. The danger of abuse of Silagra is relatively high if you as a patient have no knowledge of the possible consequences of overdose. Most often, the result of an overdose is stressful to the heart. If you consume alcohol while taking Silagra, you may be suffering from heart failure. It is up to everyone to judge if you drink a glass of wine when you eat Silagra, as the risks are unpredictable. If you are unsure, you should opt out of alcohol. If you already consumed alcohol you should refrain from taking Silagra. Even if you do not eat Silagra, you should be careful about alcohol consumption, especially if you have other diseases.


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